Public Affairs

Arch Communications specializes in outreach to stakeholders, two-way communication and building understanding that leads to trust and cooperation. Our work covers the full spectrum of public affairs engagement from facility siting to initiatives and overcoming negative sentiment. Our counselors have represented major companies as well as small clients before the federal government, state legislatures, international and local officials.

Major components of Arch Communications’ Public Affairs capabilities are explained through the following links:

  • Community engagement: to be successful with so much information available and so many channels to coordinate community activism, companies need to be transparent, forthcoming and supportive where possible and persistent in their outreach.
  • Issues management: issues can make or break a project. They seem to have a life of their own, but there are ways to understand what is happening behind the scenes and influence the outcome.
  • Advocacy: from direct representation by experienced lobbyists before government entities to promoting the enterprise’s position with opinion leaders, Arch Communications can help you advance your business, government affairs and public affairs objectives.