Transition Services

Organizations in transition have significant needs that go beyond normal public relations agency support. Interim management and staffing may be needed full-time or part-time for weeks, months or even years to provide expertise, management and support during:

  • start-up of a communication function,
  • staffing vacant chief communications officer (CCO) and senior communicator roles, while a search is underway,
  • ensuring ongoing public relations leadership through bankruptcy or severe crisis, when it is not feasible to maintain professional staff,
  • serving on an interim basis and providing professional coaching while less experienced, but high potential communicators gain the perspective needed to move up to the CCO role,
  • evaluating the communication team during the transition, so the new CCO has a jump-start in developing 90 day plans
  • providing communication support during M&A activity and plans for the function post consolidation or split, and
  • ensuring trusted communication counsel and support to management during periods of transition.

These scenarios call for the highly experienced communications professionals at Arch Communications, who have been there and understand the clients’ needs. We will work with you to provide the capabilities you want and need, as well as to be cost-effective, flexible and available when you need us.

At Arch Communications, we offer all of that.  Our consultants have served in a number of CCO roles and organizational transitions. We understand the importance of business needs and providing superior support.